Summon Wind Spirit IV - Aion Skill -

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 Summon Wind Spirit IV
Summon Wind Spirit IV
Summons a wind spirit.

Cast Time4.5s
CostMP 473
* The effect of the skill will be different from these base values, depending on the character's level, equipped items, and other bonuses.

Elyos male voice 1
Asmodian male voice 1
Elyos male voice 2
Asmodian male voice 2
Elyos male voice 3
Asmodian male voice 3
Elyos male voice 4
Asmodian male voice 4
Elyos female voice 1
Asmodian female voice 1
Elyos female voice 2
Asmodian female voice 2
Elyos female voice 3
Asmodian female voice 3
Elyos female voice 4
Asmodian female voice 4