Cook: Eremitia's Vegetable Dish - Aion Recipe -

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 Cook: Eremitia's Vegetable Dish
Cook: Eremitia's Vegetable Dish
Elyos Only
Cooking skill (499p)

Required Materials:
Lapide (10)
Entrin (10)
Coslu (16)
Ulmus Oil (12)
Omblic Wine (3)
Magical Aether (10)


Eremitia's Vegetable Dish
TypeQuest Item
Elyos Only

This is decent enough, but Eremitia would probably not be satisfied with it.
Quick Facts

Required Skill:Cooking skill (499p)


Greater Output:

Eremitia's Tasty Vegetable Dish
TypeQuest Collection Item
Elyos Only

It is a very delicious salad. Eremitia will be delighted with this dish.
Recipe Materials: