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 Where's Rae?
Quest steps:

- Talk with Nobekk.
- Talk with Dabi.
- Talk with Verdandi.
- Hunt Whitefoot Daru (7).
- Talk with Verdandi.
- Gather a Spore Pouch from a Sticky Mushroom and bring it to Verdandi.
- Experience the witch's fortune telling.
- Talk with Verdandi.
- Select a Ribbit and break the spell on Rae.
- Talk with Rae.
- Talk with Ulgorn.

Rewards Experience Points: 4450 XP

You'll need to collect the following items for this quest:
Spore Pouch (1)

You'll be able to choose one of the following items:
Ulgorn's Dagger (1)
Ulgorn's Sword (1)
Ulgorn's Mace (1)
Ulgorn's Spellbook (1)

Quest complete text:

The boss's daughter, Rae, is missing. You went to Dabi first, who said that she might have gone to the old witch.

Quick Facts

Req. Level:1
Start NPC:Nobekk
End NPC:Ulgorn