Project Drakanhammer - Aion Quest -

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 Project Drakanhammer
Quest steps:

- Go to Sanctum and talk with Nestor.
- Go to Theobomos and talk with Atropos.
- Find Research Diary at Port Anangke to get a possible lead about the secret laboratory [%8].
- Get rid of Four Weapons of Theobomos to get the keys to the laboratory, and enter Theobomos Lab Entrance to find the Assistant's Research Diary.
- After reading Assistant's Journal, go to Sanctum and report to Nestor.

Rewards Experience Points: 7303500 XP

Rewards Title: Drakanhammer

You'll need to collect the following items for this quest:
Yellow Orb (1)
Red Orb (1)
Blue Orb (1)
Green Orb (1)

You'll be rewarded with the following items:
Nestor's Wing Feather (1)

Quest complete text:

Nestor wanted you to find more information about Theobomos' work on Project Drakanhammer, so you went back to Atropos.

Quick Facts

Req. Level:46
End NPC:Pretor Research Diary