The Calydon Ruins - Aion Quest -

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 The Calydon Ruins
Quest steps:

- Talk with Atropos.
- Go to Sanctum and talk with Hestia.
- Go to Theobomos and talk with Jamanok.
- Go to Broken Fang Bridge and transform into a Calydon.
- Make a rubbed copy of First Calydon Stone Plate.
- Make a rubbed copy of Second Calydon Stone Plate.
- Make a rubbed copy of Third Calydon Stone Plate.
- Take the rubbed copies to Serimnir.
- Talk to Serimnir.
- Report the result to Atropos.

Rewards Experience Points: 5621300 XP

You'll need to collect the following items for this quest:
First Rubbed Copy (1)
Second Rubbed Copy (1)
Third Rubbed Copy (1)

You'll be rewarded with the following items:
You'll be able to choose one of the following items:
Platinum Coin (1)
Platinum Coin Chest (1)
Atropos's Mithril Ring (1)
Atropos's Sapphire Ring (1)

Quest complete text:

Atropos wanted you to find information on the ancient weapons of Theobomos.

Quick Facts

Req. Level:46
End NPC:Third Calydon Stone Plate