Fragment of Memory 2 - Aion Quest -

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 Fragment of Memory 2
Quest steps:

- Talk with Yuditio.
- Talk with Nestor.
- Get the Blessed Orb Components and bring them to Diana.
- Talk with Nestor.
- See the past in your mind's eye.
- Report the result to Nestor.
- Report the result to Aithra.
- Report the result to Boreas.

Rewards Abyss Points: 2500

Rewards Experience Points: 2108600 XP

Rewards Money: 106270 Kinah

You'll need to collect the following items for this quest:
Manastone: MP +50 (1)
Lazuli Ore (1)
Black Blaze Stone (3)

Quest complete text:

Yuditio wanted you to do something for him. He sent you to Nestor, who sent you to get a Hidden Proof Orb. You acquired the orb, and when you returned, Nestor told you to use it to see the past with your own eyes.

Quick Facts

Req. Level:35
End NPC:Boreas