The Shadow's Command - Aion Quest -

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 The Shadow's Command
Quest steps:

- Search the Eracus Temple Cavern.
- Talk with Actaeon.
- Investigate the whereabouts of Priest Philipemos.
- You found the diary. Report to Actaeon.
- Find the Torn Pages of the diary and bring them to Actaeon.
- Go to Eltnen Observatory and talk with Dionera.
- Get rid of Hippolytus (1).
- Report to Dionera.

Rewards Experience Points: 633400 XP

You'll need to collect the following items for this quest:
Pg 28: Philipemos's Diary (1)
Pg 31: Philipemos's Diary (1)
Pg 33: Philipemos's Diary (1)

You'll be rewarded with the following items:
You'll be able to choose one of the following items:
Silver Coin Chest (1)
Dionera's Shoes (1)
Dionera's Boots (1)
Dionera's Brogans (1)
Dionera's Sabatons (1)

Quest complete text:

While you were investigating the strange Aether in Eracus Temple Cavern, the Artifact Protector appeared and told you to deliver to Actaeon a strange message about the Shadow.

Quick Facts

Req. Level:29
End NPC:Hippolytus