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Database Items Armor Leather Jacket

 Flash Jerkin
Flash Jerkin
TypeLeather Armor
Untradeable, Unstorable in Legion Warehouse
Available for Level 30 or higher

Evasion128Magic Resist70
Physical Def139  

Maximum HP+149Maximum MP+134

Manastone socketing (for manastones of level 40 or lower)

Hidden effect(s) activated when complete set is equipped.

Flash Leather Set (5)
 Flash Jerkin
 Flash Breeches
 Flash Shoulderguards
 Flash Vambrace
 Flash Boots

2 Pieces: 21 Magic Resist, 45 Physical Def, 27 Evasion
3 Pieces: 225 Maximum HP, 201 Maximum MP, 24 Evasion, 32 Crit Strike
4 Pieces: 22 Magic Resist, 44 Physical Def, 28 Evasion
5 Pieces: 262 Maximum HP, 236 Maximum MP, 28 Evasion, 48 Crit Strike
Full Set: 12% Speed, 28 Flight Time, 125 Physical Def

Quick Facts

Stack Amount:1x
Vendor Price:46,100 Kinah
Sells for:9,220 Kinah
Is Dyeable:Yes
Inventory Slot:Jacket
Item Set:Flash Leather Set
Default color male:
Default color female: