Siel's Supreme Orb - Aion Item -

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 Siel's Supreme Orb
Siel's Supreme Orb
Untradeable, Unstorable in Account Warehouse, Unstorable in Legion Warehouse
Available for Level 51 or higher

Slow 1 Strike Weapon (Fire)
Attack214 - 262  
Atk Speed2.2Magic Boost690
Magical Acc304  

Magic Boost+33Crit Spell+7
Casting Speed+9%Maximum HP+93
Maximum MP+590  

Manastone socketing (for manastones of level 60 or lower)

Godstone Socket enabled

It is an old orb with a faint trace of Siel's presence. A talented blacksmith might be able to mend and restore this weapon. It might be a good idea to keep it safe.

Quick Facts

Stack Amount:1x
Vendor Price:774,850 Kinah
Sells for:154,970 Kinah
Inventory Slot:Main-Hand